The focus of the scenography was creating contrasts between intimacy and openness. The lighting design defined different 'spaces' on stage by isolating them at times and opening them up at others.

Musical direction, saxophone and composition: Kika Sprangers
Stage direction: Xander Straat
Choir: Veronika Akmetchina, Anna Serierse, Sylvia Boone, Elea Bekkers, Fenne Scholte, Marit van der Lei, Nina Rompa, Līva Dumpe, Viktoria Nikolova

This project was made possible thanks to the support of Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds (Margit Widlund Fonds, the Hausta Donans Fonds en the Carla Struycken Fonds), NORMA fonds and the Stimuleringsfonds.

Photos by Martijn de Koning